Download Playlist

I know I can download individual tracks on my desktop, and I know I can listen to my playlist on my phone. But I don’t have unlimited data, so I need to download my playlist on my phone. Not download each track individually, but simply to download my tracks for offline use. I can’t seem to do that, since everytime I go out for a walk my playlist gets stuck on the same track because it can’t load the other ones. How can I download my playlist on my phone app (android)?

I do not know how to download the whole playlist directly either. But I download each lesson on my computer, then copy the whole folder with all the audio files into my phone, so that I can listen to them offline.

Yeah I´m well over 2000 audio files on my playlist, thinking I would be able to use this feature in the future. Now that the future arrived I am seeing that I cannot, actually use it as intended.

I would also be interested in finding out if we can download a whole playlist, perhaps as a ZIP file, instead of downloading each audio file…

I guess that would help. Not more than a “download” button by the playlist on the mobile app, but it would help some.