Download entire vocabulary list (not just LingQ)

Surely I am just not seeing this options.
How do I export my entire vocabulary list? Not just the lingqs.
I need it to “subtract” programmatically when I am harvesting vocabulary from new resources.
(If this isn’t a feature we really need this and it should be pretty easy. Anki deck or raw is fine though both would be better.)


What you mean by “entire vocabulary. not just the LingQs”? All your saved LingQs are listed on the vocabulary page and you can export them all at once under “More Actions” button. You can EXPORT ALL LINGQS - csv file, or EXPORT ALL LINGQS ANKI FILE.

I mean all the “Known words” All the words that LingQ knows that I know.

It must be able to query that looks up words in our “known word” list to turn words on each page blue or white.

There is no available list of Known words on the site I am afraid. You can only see and download list of LingQs.

How do we make requests for improvements and enhancements?

This is a pretty important feature and likely fairly easy to implement.

You can send suggestions to support(at)
However adding list of Known words is unlikely to happen. It just makes no sense to have that list available. All known words appear as white in a lesson, and that is enough.
List of yellow words, which you need to learn, is good enough and that’s the list users needs to be focused on. Ability to see list of Known words doesn’t give any advantage.

It makes no sense to you perhaps, but it is vary valuable to some of us.

We can use them to filter our word harvesting to avoid having to review them again.

Well if you are referring to Known LingQs (yellow words you made known, by moving them to status 4 or check-marked them), they do remain available on the Vocabulary list and can be exported even if they are considered Known.

I am talking about words that are known even if they went directly from Blue to known.

How to get that full list?

It’s clearly not a difficult thing for the system to obtain since it does it constantly and it’s valuable for our word harvesting and to check to be sure no important words “got away”.