Download audio

I would like download the items from “The outdoor girls in Florida” that is not working.
When I see in the collection the first five articles have not recording time but when I click on the speaker bar I have the voice.
The next parts after five have a time but a download is neither possible.

Other items are working.

Hi Irene,

I have let Edward know. He is the owner of that collection.

Hello Irene,

First of all, if you can hear the sound, it means the external URL are correct. You should not have problem to download it.
Meanwhile, you can find all mp3 files at this link:

About the duration time: I try to add them on chapter 1 to 5, but I just give up! Basically my internet connection seems have problems of upload. Endless time on waiting, only successfully saved one item. I decided not to go back add duration time. This is driving me crazy. I definitely will enter the duration at the first moment when I import.