Download audio

I´m trying to download the file “EnglishLingQ, #130 Eating Out” but the system can´t find the file. How can I solve this problem?


Hi Sandra,

What do you mean the system can’t find the file? Everything seems to be working fine for me. When you click on the Download audio link, what happens?

I go to “download file” and then opens a page where I click on “save”. Then opens a new page that says “getting file information” and I can´t move forward, it stops here and nothing happens. I don´t know if I have to change some setting in my computer once this is the first time I´m trying to download file from this machine. Please, Mark, do you have some idea what can I try?

Thank you.

It sounds like an issue with your computer. Do you see a progress bar on the “getting file information” page? What operating system are you using? Have you ever downloaded any files onto your computer?

Mark, now things are working good. Probably I had some problem with connection because today it was possible to download the file. Thank you for trying to help me.