Download Audio

Is there a way to download all the audios of one collection in one times on Itunes?

If the collection is available in iTunes, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.
  2. Open the podcast in the “Podcast” tab in iTunes.
  3. Click on “Get All” at the top and all the episodes will begin to download.

Thanks Alex,

How to know if the collection is available in iTunes, I have to look after it in iTunes Podcast?
And If it is not available in ITunes, is there a way to download a whole collection in one times?

If the collection is available in iTunes, then there will be an iTunes button that appears on the collection page.

If it is not available in iTunes then there is currently no way to download all the files at once. However, if you go to the collection page. right-click on the Play button and select “Save link as…” (or the equivalent for your browser) then you can quickly save all of the files to your hard drive.

@Cecile - actually, as long as the RSS feed link is available, which it is for most collections, you can copy it and add it as a feed in iTunes without going to the iTunes store.

Sorry Mark…I don"t see how to copy and add it as a feed. When I go on the RSS, it open iTunes, but after it doesn’t happens anything.

@cecile - im not in front of my computer right now but te steps are roughly like this. Right click on the RSS feed link and copy the URL. Then go to the Advanced menu in iTunes and choose the “subscribe to feed” option. The lesson audio files will then start downloading for that collection.

Sorry. You have to paste the feed URL in the box that displays after you click to add a feed.

Somethings works but not completly :
Example the Irene collection :Alltagssituationen für Beginner I und II (Daily situations for beginner I and II)

  • I go to the collection, I copy the URL, put it in “subscribe to feed”, but there is only one lesson who is visible in iTunes even after have made “actualiser” and " afficher tous les épisodes disponibles"

@Cecile - are you able to download all lessons when you go the podcasts section in your iTunes?

@Mark - for an ordinary podcast I choose in the itunes store, Yes I can. But not in that case.

I guess that Irene has set “Don’t show this lesson on” In this case lessons are only available on LingQ and through LingQ.
There are probably reasons to do this:

  • Privacy concern: Lessons are only accessible through LingQ and cannot be found in Google, iTunes, Podcast directories etc.
  • Points for sharing: If the audio is downloaded via RSS or iTunes, the provider don’t earn points.
    Probably there are other reasons.

Okay, so I will take the time to download each lesson one by one.
Thanks Vera, Alex and Mark.