Download and help

Hi, support!

I am trying to download the “American Yankees Haven’t Always Been Dandy” file to my pc and I am not succeeding. I tried to read the Help so that I could see what is happening, but it is in German! I can listen to the file when I click on the downloading tab, but the file doesn´t download to my pc.
Waiting for your help, please.

There are issues with downloading sound files on external URLs. This has been discussed and we are looking for a solution.

But why is your Help in German? Help is available in English and Portuguese.

The Lesson help for Portuguese was actually in Dutch! I’ve fixed it now. Sorry about that.

The problem you are having does sound like the issue with external audio links. We hope to have that fixed in the next few days. Or, at least, we will replace the Downlload button with a link which you will be able to right click.

What’s weird is that I had no problem downloading postcads before today, but now I can’t anymore (they open directly in my media player).

Hi Lylandra

Try it now. You should now be able to right click on the button and download the audio file that way.

Confirmed !