Downgrading to "Free" membership

I have been a premium member for many months, paying each month for a service I rarely use. However, over that time, I have created lessons. Some lessons I have shared, most are private.

I was told that when you downgrade to free membership after being a premium member, that you can not make new lessons, but that you do not need to delete the lessons you have already made. Is that correct? After all, I have already paid for these lessons and I am the one who did the work to create them, so it seems reasonable that LingQ would continue to store them as long as I am a member.

I assume converting to a free member will wipe out all my progress of lingq’s and known words.

Are there any other consequences?

I am quite poor, so the $10 a month is a hardship for me to pay. it is horrifying idea to me that you might wipe out all the work I have done unless I continue to pay every month forever.

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Sorry to hear you are looking to cancel!
Good news first, you can keep all your LingQs and known words after downgrading, and if you want to create more LingQs you can upgrade again anytime to continue where you left off.
However, as s Free member you can only have 5 private lessons uploaded. That means that you’ll need to share your lessons with others if they are free of copyright. If not you’ll have to delete them before you downgrade your account.
I am here if you need any additional explanation!

Maybe you can earn some points with tutoring English. As a native it would be easy to find some students.
Bdw : your Blog is verry inspiring for Korean learners.


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This does not help your problem as such but perhaps it will make losing your lessons on LingQ a bit less annoying.

From the beginning I have been keeping my imported lessons on my computer as well for when I can’t access LingQ or when the time comes to downgrade. I’m using a program with a tree structure on the left and a huge text field on the right. The tree structure allows me to build a structure down by subject (say language), then course, then the lessons. Each lessons then has the lessons text at the top, followed by the translation, followed by any notes I added.

Yes, this is a lot of work. And yes, this is not perfect for learning. Which is why I’m willing to pay for LingQ in the first place. But it’s better than having nothing - and I also find I only use some of the imports for active learning on LingQ, usually about the last three or four. The others I only listen to and check the text if needed.

Being aware that you probably wouldn’t want to pay money for a program like this, here are a few freeware links:
CUEcards 2000 - (this is what got me started years ago; it’s only in German though)

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How does one downgrade to no membership at all?

I found it at the bottom of the accounts page.