Downgrading but won't let me without deleting everything

Due to once again being unable to open some lessons this morning, i have decided that i’m not going to pay a monthly fee for a product that spends half of its time broken. It’s a shame as i am the heaviest user of French on the entire site.

My problem now is that it won’t let me downgrade without trying to make me delete all my imports, but as a paid up member until the 23rd August i shouldn’t have to delete my imports to correspond with the limits of the ‘free’ account until AFTER my subscription this month expires.

After using the site and seeing all the bugs i’m sure it’s too difficult for the LingQ team to implement a simple line of code to allow downgrading users to keep their content until it is automatically wiped on the last day the subscription was paid up to…so my question is, can somebody please tell me how i can keep using LingQ and my content up to the and of the 23rd August without having to come back on that day and manually delete all my stuff in order to downgrade?

Or can someone help me to downgrade right now but keep the content until the end of the 23rd?

Hilariously, when i went to delete some content it showed up that i didn’t have any, which is typical LingQ.

Thanks for your time.

Don’t worry, i’ve just deleted it all.

Interesting to note that this is the only forum i’ve ever seen where there are as many threads created in the ‘support’ section as there are in the ‘open’ section.

Truly pitiful, you guys need to sort it out because it’s pretty disgraceful. You’re lucky a lot have stuck round here as long as they have. I’ve been here 4 months and it’s basically unusable for me a lot of the time due to the glitches.

Patience has now run out.

I’m sure someone from LingQ will be along to say something like ‘well it works fine for me’.

Hi platyphylla,
Yes, you are not able to downgrade your account to FREE because you have more than 5 private lessons imported. That’s correct. But in cases where Premium members wants to take a few months break and switch back to Premium again after that, we are more than happy to allow keeping of all imports.
Make sure to contact us on support email support(at)lingq,com and we’ll be glad to help!

I’ve already deleted it.

Legally speaking, that’s not how it works, either.

If i am a full member and i want to cancel my subscription at the end of the current paid cycle (which is exactly what i’ve done) you can’t then take away my privileges BEFORE the end of the period of time i’ve paid for just because i’ve given you notice of non-renewal.

You also can’t specify that it can be done as long as you plan on coming back.

It’s like properly illegal. In any normal country it is, anyway, would assume Canada is the same.

Either way, i’ve already deleted all my content and cancelled my subscription, and won’t be coming back until you stop the software from breaking all the time, which based on the amount of time LingQ has been going and considering the problems still exist, i would guess that will be never.