Downgrade to free - keep known words/lingqs, but delete imported lessons?

I am considering buying a lifetime subscription for French and focus 100% on that language for the next year or so, but I would also like to keep my known words and lingqs for German and Spanish to return to them and buy lifetime subscriptions later.

Is it possible to downgrade German and Spanish to free and keep my known words and lingqs? I don’t care about saving my imported lessons. Will I really have to pay the 2$ per month vacation plan to avoid having my known words and lingqs deleted?

You can make a copy of your lingqed words/phrases data, it can take a few hours but they will send the file to your email.

to make a copy of your known words see here - just change ms to your lingq language code


Thanks! Will it be possible to reimport this data to LingQ later (if the language is deleted and restarted)?

Yes you can reimport your lingqs, the known word data you will need to format slightly but it is possible

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