Downgrade to Free Account

Please, I’d like to downgrade my account to free. I was informed that I have to delete my non shared lessons, but I don’t know how to do it. DON’T Charge me. I WANT TO CANCEL IT

Your account is scheduled to drop to the Free level on May 24. Looks like you did cancel successfully.

I have the same problem. Why do I have to delete my content anyway, when I want to switch back to a free account? I paid for creating it!

You don’t have to delete it, you can activate the Vacation plan during the downgrade flow and keep your data saved for as long as you want, until you upgrade back to Premium.

I have to delete it if I want to downgrade to a free account, which is not legitimate, there shouldn’t be any restrictions in canceling a subscription! Also I paid for creating that content, forcing a customer to delete it manually isn’t legitimate,too. If there’s no alternative I definitely won’t upgrade back to a Premium account.

If I want to downgrade as well, wont’ I be able to get access to the content I created?

I don’t think you can access the information that you have created. If you have created the content and own it, then you can use it on your computer. From what I understand you are not able to use this service to use your content on when you have a free account.

It does make sense as the program and servers that Lingq has does require time and money to maintain. If people just uploaded all of the contented they want to then down grade the next month there would be a constant ebb and flow of people. And ebb and flow is not a great business model.

Learning a language takes time and money. We normally have control over our time but the small about that I have invested into this program is well worth it. I dedicate 3-4 hours a day for my language learning so this is just one small piece of a bigger puzzle.

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Thanks! Now it makes sense

Exactly my thoughts.