Downgrade to free account

How can I downgrade my account from premium to free? The system doesn’t allow me to do so. It tells me to delete my imported lessons in all my languages, which I did. Nevertheless, I have been charged for the last month. In my opinion this procedure should be much easier to carry out.

You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave


@Sirob11 - There is a restriction on the number of privately imported lessons you can have with a Free account. It looks like you still have around 40 imported lessons in your account. If you’d like, we can go in and clear these out for you so that you can downgrade your account. Also, feel free to email support (at) at any time should you have any issues with the site!

@alex- Yes please Alex. That would be very kind if you could clear them out. Thank you!

It’s very pity, Boris, that you downground your account.
Why do you want to restrict your participatinh here? No time?
In any case - best regards from Russia!

@Sirob11 - OK, I’ve now cleared out your imports so you should be able to downgrade. Note that your subscription will be canceled immediately but your account won’t be downgraded until your next billing date.

Thank you very much Alex.

I have a question about downgrading too.

I am enjoying my lessons and making the most of my premium account right now, creating lingqs and all that.

Unfortunately I need to stop using the program for about three months because of my work assignments. I am going abroad and will have no opportuniy to use the computer that often. So I need to downgrade to a free account. for a while I would like to renew my subscription in late January. I understand that I wll have to create all the lings from scratch, is it correct? Or will I get the lingqs back?

@nex_us - Not to worry; all your LingQs and learning statistics will be saved. You will lose access to the premium features, but you will be able to pick up where you left off when you return.

If you have any specific questions about payment, etc. be sure to send us an email at support (at) and we’ll be happy to help you further.

Thanks a lot for your quick and informative reply. I’m really glad to know all that.