Don't Try To Memorize Vocabulary - Steve Kaufmann

Some people say you should try to learn 10 words a day and make sure you can use them, really nail them down. I’ve never found that effective. Here is how I learn vocabulary.


Just looks the headline, I,m totally agreed. Let’s go, that’s practicing and talk with native English speaker.

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There are so many things about your method & approach that resonate with me. I feel confident that it will help me in my goal to become conversational fluent in Spanish. I’m currently in Mexico riding south through Latin America with my dog on and around the world bike packing trip. If this works out and helps me learn Spanish I will definitely be working on other languagea during this trip.
John & Mira (la perra)

Completly agree . The only way to learn is to just practice . I think trying to memorise is even counterproductive .


Open the video first, then open the URLs from video description.