Don't share lessons twice

Today I felt very upset.

1.) I recognized that someone imported lessons that I’ve still imported. Lessons shouldn’t be uploaded twice!
2.) The lessons were from a podcast that I’m importing for more than 2 years. Please respect that I was there earlier. I import every new lesson of this podcast as soon as possiple.

It is not only a question of fairplay, it is also a rule of the LingQ stuff as far as I know that you shouldn’t do this.

I left a message on the wall of the content provider. I write this on the forum too. Maybe there are more new members who don’t know these rules?

Thank you for bringing this issue up, Vera.

We always welcome content in the Library, but it is a good idea in general to check the Library before uploading a new collection to see if that content already exists. Contacting the content provider, as Vera has done, is the best way to go about resolving this, as they might be unaware the content already exists.

I have kind of the same problem as Vera, but worse. There is one lesson I uploaded, the text was suggested by a lingq user (this text is from a website, it’s not even as if he had written it himself) and he asked me to record it. So I created a lesson out of it, which I uploaded to lingq. Then he took my audio from my lesson and made the same lesson with his account.

I didn’t even bother to contact him, I learned about this stolen lesson months after I had uploaded my lesson. I saw this lesson in the Library, in the “most popular” shelf, without a picture, this is how I learned this person had stolen my lesson. He knows he shouldn’t have stolen my audio. And because his stolen lesson was picked up by other users, he has no way of deleting it from the library, right?. So why bother contacting him?.

See how funny this is. xD

The lessons:
The thread on the forum where I talked about recording this lesson:

Thanks for sharing this berta… this is hilarious. People never fail to amaze me !


I have no problem contacting Vincent and telling him that this is not right, and I have no problem deleting his version from the library. I also have no problem with allocating the points he has earned to you. Let me know what you want me to do. You can email me or skype me if you want.

@Jamie yes, people are fascinating :stuck_out_tongue:

@Steve thank you! I’ll contact you.

I found that the other member, adamorama shared 3 articles of Slow Chinese, but I tried to share the same article after separating each meaningful word.

How about the difference between two same contents?

Actually, I have asked the web master of Slow Chinese, and it is me that he gave me a permission of use. (I separated all the meaningful words and saved them.)

the other member adamorama


Sorry, I made a mistake.

How about the difference between two same contents?



If you click on “Quick LingQ”, you will figure out the difference.


Have you explained to adamorama that in fact you are the one who has obtained the right to provide this content to our library? Let me know if you wish me to add my support.

No, I have never told him.
I will tell him on his wall that I am the one who has obtained the right to provide this content.

Same situation in Russian library…