Doing a second 90 day challenge

I clicked the link to do another 90 day challenge for Russian (I did and failed my first one last year when it first became a feature), and I got a popup warning that I already have a challenge going. The 90 day challenge targets in my Progress Snapshot seem to have been reset, but no commencement announcement was posted on my wall.

Has anyone else tried to do a second 90 day challenge after failing the first one? Did it work okay?

I spoke of this just recently myself. Yes, I have now started a second 90 Day Challenge and everything has gone to plan.

Thanks - you got a post on your wall - “Congratulations on signing up for the Rolling 90-Day Challenge!”. I didn’t get this. Hmm, I might try again,…

I pressed it again and got the popup “You have already signed up for the challenge in this language. Do yo want to restart the challenge for Russian?”. I guess it started?