Doesn't make any sense

Is there a way I can completely reset a language that my daughter is studying?

I set this up to help with her Italian. She is starting at the very beginning even though her Italian is not so bad for the Linqd 101 “Getting Started”.

However, I don’t think she understood how to use it. Consequently, I can’t get things to be normal. For instance, all of the words in the Linqd 101 were yellow. Don’t know why. I deleted all that was in the vocabulary, deleted all of the lessons and now in the Linqd 101 all words show up as known.


Hi! Yes, you can reset a language by going to the Account page ( and clicking the “Reset/Delete Language” link near the middle. Note that this will reset everything for that language, including all the words and the lessons.

Let us know if you have any additional questions!

That did it! Everything is blue! Much appreciated.

I do have one more question that the videos didn’t seem to address. When you do highlight a word yellow and you go through the various things to help you with the word, at what point does the yellow word become non-yellow?



As you increase the status, the highlight will fade to a lighter shade of yellow :slight_smile:

You can learn a bit more here: