Does the word "terrifying" have a good meaning?

Why Barack Obama’s speech was actually quite terrifying

The title of the above article contains the word “terrifying”. In what way was Obama’s speech terrifying? Does the word have a good meaning? Or, are people in the US facing a test of “self-government”? Is it this test that is terrifying? And, is this because Trump’s authoritarian narratives appear to be popular with his supporters?

I find this a bit shocking (over the top):

“There has never been a man or a woman, not me, not Bill, nobody more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America.”

The author of the article is probably referring to the observation in the tweeter account (down below) that he draws attention to.

Boris Johnson makes up with Hillary Clinton after ‘sadistic nurse’ comment Boris Johnson makes up with Hillary Clinton after 'sadistic nurse' comment | Boris Johnson | The Guardian

Do you have the same impression of Hillary Clinton as Boris Johnson does?

I am not that interested in checking and commenting on what Boris says on matters across the Atlantics; he is likely out of his depth.

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Thank you for your information.
The Secretary for State for Foreign Affairs is likely out of his depth on matters across the Atlantic Ocean. Is this included in what you have said?

He is not a career diplomat. I am not that easily impressed by his new title, given his past observable behaviour and how he got (hastily) appointed to this position; I am not as naive.

I have no intention to accompany you further in your game – that is the main message in my last post.

…was actually quite terrifying = was actually quite frightening = was actually quite scary
From my perspective something that is terrifying/frightening/scary is not “good” per se.

Thank you, TeacherNia.

No, but ‘terrifyingly’ can be used to mean good.

‘That cake was terrifyingly good.’

It’s not used very often and would probably be replaced by ‘terrifically’ by most people in the sample sentence above.

Thank you, Platyphylla.

"If that’s true, it’s possible that when a woman approaches politics in a coolly pragmatic way—when she shows herself to be, in many ways, a typical politician—it makes people particularly uncomfortable. If Packer is right, not only is Clinton not behaving the way a woman is supposed to behave; she’s not behaving the way a woman politician is supposed to behave. She’s not a mama grizzly like Sarah Palin circa 2008 or a brassy dame like former Texas Gov. Ann Richards. " Why do people hate Hillary Clinton so much? via @slate

No worries. You can also use ‘scarily’ or (if you’re a teenager) ‘scary’ to say punctuate something that’s very good.

‘You see that guys skills with a basketball? He is scarily/scary good.’