Does the rule of where "also" would be placed in a sentence apply on "just"?

Hi everyone,

Does the rule of where “also” would be placed in a sentence apply on “just”?
Also:comes after auxiliaries and before normal verbs.
For instance
I would [also/just] like to confirm that this problem sometimes happens.

I am also/just proficient in Computer science.

“I am just proficient in computer science” means that you are ONLY proficient in computer science while I am also proficient in computer science means that you are not only proficient in computer science but other subjects as well.(ie: Physics, Political Science, Linguistics, etc).

Thank you so much. I know that. However, my question is about whether “just” is always comes after auxiliaries verbs and before normal verbs such as “also”

It seems so, yes.

Adverb Placement (third Google hit, I searched for placement+just+sentence+grammar)

Well, also can be used in other places, too, that just cannot - for example, at the end of a sentence. I went there, also/too. Just would make no sense in such a position. Just can be used in certain places where also wouldn’t typically be seen. For example. Just two people came for the party. Also two people came for the party doesn’t sound correct.

Thank you so much. I think the comparison between them seems to be quite difficult.

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