Does the Import Level of «Auto» Exist?

In the help section, there is mention that when importing text into lingq, you can set the level or select «auto» and have lingq determine the approximate level of the text for you. Was this feature removed or has it been hidden away somewhere on the screen I’m just overlooking? All I see are the standard 6 Lingq levels from basic to advanced without an auto function.

Thanks, in advance.


I liked this feature a lot but with a further update it was removed.

I miss this feature very much. It picked the level for me. Are we going to get it back?

@magiaaron - We removed this some time back, as we found it wasn’t always a good indicator of the level of lessons, so the level that showed would really only be an approximation, and one that is probably worse than one a human would be capable of doing. We’ll look at removing this from the Help section!

The level is actually only required for shared lessons, so privately imported lessons don’t need a level. Instead of the level, a better approximation of the difficulty is how many new words there are in the text. If you see lots of blue (and you’re not brand new to LingQ), then the lesson is probably going to be difficult. If you see just a little bit of blue then the lesson will probably be easier.

Hopefully this helps explain things clearly!