Does the brain fatigue from listening?

does the brain fatigue from listening ?


I’ve experienced this too. It could be fatigue. It could also be that we’re just a bit bored of relistening to something we’ve already heard, so our attention isn’t really on it (even if we think it is). It’s probably a bit of both.


From time to time after listening to music for more than 2 hours, I felt struck.
I thought it was nothing. Can it be the same reason?

It could be fatigue yes.
It could also just be the brain is up and down.
I’ve also experience days where I suddenly feel like I’m on a breakthrough of understanding some more difficult speakers and can understand huge chunks of what they say and then a couple days later I listen to a different podcast and I understand almost nothing.

My personal theory is I think the brain consolidates learning in waves. Something like that.


what do you mean by the brain learns in waves ?

maybe :smiley: that’s what I’m hoping to get a response for :joy::heart_hands:

yeah makes sense

Nothing nothing nothing nothing, up up up learned drop drop drop nothing nothing repeat…
^^^^ waves

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