Does "request conversation" work?

I requested a conversation with a tutor on 9pm (my local time, today). It didn’t work out, and I don’t know the reason (maybe, the tutor was busy and didn’t accept my request - it doesn’t matter). But right now I see my request as an active for… 11.15pm! I haven’t changed anything after the first request creation, and I have no idea why my initial request was rescheduled.
Also I noticed that the time of the request submission is changing. Now it shows that my request was submitted 38 minutes ago, and it’s wrong, as it was submitted more than 50 minutes ago.

I didn’t book many conversations last months, so I wonder if it really works the feature “Request conversation”? Do the tutors receive conversations’ requests?

Oh, I’ve got it, it was changed by the tutor, and I could see that in the Speak section.
It’s not very intuitive anyway =)

Yes, it looks like your tutor replied and changed the time. However, the conversation won’t be scheduled until you actually accept/confirm the new time. You should get an email when your tutor reponds to your request and you should see a response notification in your Timeline. And, as you say, you can always look up the status of a request on the Speak page. Yes, this can be improved and will be over time.

… but it wasn’t the end! I didn’t accepted the proposed time (ok, I didn’t do this consciously :wink: ), as I remember, the notification on the “Speak” page was in the pending state (there was an active hyperlink - “Reply”). I went to home where I found a letter from the tutor: “You missed our conversation today”, and 500points are gone.

Fellow lingqers, be careful with the feature :slight_smile:

It was me that replied and offered a different time. If you didn’t accept then it shouldn’t have shown up on my speaking schedule and I shouldn’t have been able to raise a conversation report. It does look like there is a bug in the system.

I don’t think I can cancel the discussion now because I already sent a report. If Mark refunds your points then you are free to request another discussion (either through the LingQ scheduling system or by contacting a tutor directly). If he doesn’t, then contact me and we can schedule a replacement discussion at a time that suits as both.

What a shame that you have had such trouble requesting a conversation time.

@Niksa, skyblueteapot - I have reverted those transactions for that conversation. We will test that part of the conversation request system to make sure there are not bugs. You should have to click the Accept button for the conversation to be scheduled.

I made a booking for Sunday at 21.15 and in my points balance it says “Conversation attendance charge for 15 minutes at 2012-11-18 19:15:00” - two hours earlier.

The transactions are actually displayed in server time (UTC), so don’t let this throw you off :slight_smile:

@Niksa - We have upgraded the Conversation Request system to make it easier to follow. Let me know if you are still having issues.