Does Lingq have a msn or msn group that we can communicate together?

I wonder if there is a platform in Lingq that can put us together on line and chat or communicate on line at the same time, do we have this? msn? yahoo? or?

As far as I know there is no such group. To be honest I don’t miss it. I prefer to have conversations with tutors. You can only improve if you get feedback. Don’t get me wrong. Making errors is no problem. I learn a lot from doing errors. But only if I get a feedback what was wrong. Then I have the chance to improve.

The problem of such groups is that there are often no native speakers involved, and if they are involved, they don’t give you a feedback. Giving feedback in an accurate manner is really work! You cannot expect this from members of such a group.

Try the group or 1 on 1 conversation on the website! You’ll see how helpful this is.

I agree with Vera, although I was thinking the other day it would be neat if a live chatroom would be added sometime in the future. Just a place to practise spontaneous interaction with other members, either in English or in a foreign language. But really, the forum perfectly serves that purpose. If you want to chat in order to improve then you’re going to want a tutor, as Vera said.

Yeah, but not everyone has the money to buy points. Because of that, they’re going to look for other options.

LingQ is cheap compared with other systems. I didn’t find another website which offers personal tutoring for less money. Also group conversations are great. You can participate up to 60 minutes for 500 points (representing 5 Dollar).

If you are tutoring you can earn money or points. I’m a German tutor. I always take the points and use them for conversations and writing submissions.

In my opinion it makes no sense to speak or write without getting a feedback. Maybe you develop bad habits if there is no correction. Volunteers are hard to find. I always made the experience that the tutors on LingQ are very dedicated.