Does LingQ color change over time without SRS?

I was just wondering and couldn’t find the info on this.
When I am reading and come across LingQs, do those words slowly become “known” automatically? Or do I have to manually move them to the next level? - In case, they haven’t been repeated with SRS.

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You have to manually move them to the next level. If you don’t want to do it while reading, you can also do it via the vocabulary list associated with each lesson.


Words you have saved in Vocabulary will also increase +1 in status automatically if you guess them correctly twice in a row during a review.


Hi, is there any plan to allow this to be customised. If I review 4 times (it asks you twice per review) I definitely don’t feel like a ‘know’ a word. I actually read somewhere, maybe even a video from Steve that it’s probably more like 7 or 8 times before it starts to be bedded in.

Having it go to know so quickly makes me not want to use the srs system, which is a real shame because it can be so powerful

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Actually I haven’t a clue about the algorithm Lingq uses ATM(the one based on SRS) , but SM-2 seems to be a nice one(at least that’s my experience)
I need a little more time to get in touch with Lingq’s vocabulary system anyway and I hope gets us somewhere.

I find that the beauty of the LingQ system is that, if it hasn’t filtered into my long term memory after LingQ says it has, it will inevitably come up again in something I’m reading on LingQ, and I’ll mark it as unknown again, and it will usually get fully embedded the second time around.

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