Does English Destroy Minority Languages?

Do you believe that the rising number of English speakers destroys minority languages such as Welsh or Yoruba? As more people learn English, they realize that English is much more useful than their country’s heritage language, and begin speaking it more and more, neglecting their heritage language. What is your opinion on this?

Hi Anar! There was a discussion about this not too long ago. Perhaps someone more organised than I am could find the thread for you?

Dang and Blast!

The rising number of English speakers is not destroying anything in my opinion. Welsh has had a comeback while English has been spreading. It is up to people to speak the language(s) they want to speak. I really do not see an issue here.

Let the Esperantists promote Esperanto, The Quebecois promote French, the Catalans their language, the Ukrainians their language and if the Cantonese are not so keen on promoting their language as a separate language, that is their affair.