Does anyone want to learn Lituanian language?

Hi, i am from Lithuania and trying to learn English as good as possible. Maybe there are people who want to learn Lithuanian, but has no possibilities to do it alone. Maybe not. Let me know, if you do.

There may be a problem to find such people in here. I noticed that those people who want to learn languages mostly are looking for information in their own language and probably they’re living in Lithuania so… I hope you understand me why it’s a problem.
Anyway I wish you good luck :slight_smile:

It’s not a goal for me, actually, but it could be a very good way to learn communication skills. Maybe administrators will add Lithuanian language one day.
Thanks for wishes.

By the way, your blog is great.

I like Slavic languages and I would be very happy to have the opportunity to learn Belarusian, Ukrainian, Polish and Czech here at LingQ. But I realize that these languages are not of high priority to be added on LingQ. So I prefer to wait until more native speakers of these languages come here. Today it’s no use in asking questions about when these languages will be added. In addition, I need to learn English more than other languages, because it can help me with job and career. Instead, Slavic languages are only hobbies for me. They’re very interesting, but I have objective reasons not to waste too much time on them until I will know English very well. At present time I don’t know English well. I think it can be seen from my postings. So, I learn English intensively and hope the day comes when I could afford to return my attention to Slavic languages.

Hi, if anyone would lke to learn Lithuanian language or have a cup-a-tea, i’m here ladies ;D

I have a strange interest in Slavic languages too for some reason, lucky for me I already know English well (btw you’re posts aren’t bad at all)…

Lithuanian btw I would probably classify as Baltic rather than Slavic, but I guess it’s arguable…

When I get the level I need in English maybe I’ll try to learn Slavic languages more. But I don’t know when exactly that will be, how many months or years must pass before I find myself have enough money and free time to do what I want. I think Polish will be the next of Slavic languages for me. I already know Belarusian quite well, and Ukrainian a little bit worse, but just a little bit, and I read Belarusian and Ukrainian texts with great interest in them and I can listen to the speech when it is not very fast. Polish phonetics has its special features, I like them, they’re not very difficult for me (I can read aloud slowly), but because they’re different from sounds of East Slavic languages, I don’t understand fast spoken Polish very well. And I need to mention that the lack of free time doesn’t allow me to fix this situation.

I like languages, I love Slavic languages, so I would be very curious to investigate what common constructions and what mutual influence (if any exists) Czech and German have, how close Lithuanian is to Polish and Belarusian… but in current economical circumstances I can’t do so. I’ll earn nothing or very little if I learn Baltic or Slavic languages. On the contrary, it will be possible for me to earn some more money if I would be able to read the books on my profession which are written in English or, for example, French, if I can communicate with professionals and experts from all over the world, take part in international conferences, etc.

So I’m studying English and I don’t have enough free time for other things. And because of that I unfortunately can’t accept the offer to learn Lithuanian even if I had the opportunity to learn it for free!

I would love to learn Lithuanian, especially after I visited Lithuanian in June and loved it. However, this beautiful language will need to wait some years, I think. I need to dramatically improve my Polish now!
Viso gero,

My grandparents on my dad’s side came over to the U.S. from Lithuania many years ago. I would like to learn Lithuanian some day. But for now, I’m concentrating on Spanish. Thanks for the offer to help!