Does anyone use a graphics tablet

I was lying in the bath last night, after a particularly busy day of online teaching, and a Voice in my head said “You need a graphics tablet”. It was strange, as the Voice usually tells me I need a cup of tea and a toasted scone, but I got out, dried myself off and went and googled graphics tablets. They look like good toys, and I could possibly afford a cheap one for work and study use.

Before I rush out and spend good money, it would be nice to have a recommendation from someone who actually exists. Does anyone have a graphics tablet and what do you use it for? Would it make it easy to send students scribbled diagrams demonstrating the use of prepositions, or to annotate PDF scans of textbooks? I can see the possibilities for editing photographs and cartoons, which would probably cause whoaholic to steal it off me to make his UFO hoax photos.

This question is meant for me =p.

I work 10 + hours a day on a graphics tablet. I’ve been using graphics tablets for over 10 years. I absolutely need one because i paint/draw for a living and these days people need things done fast soo digital is the way to go.

I’ve been using Wacom tablets for all this time. I wouldnt recommend ANY other brand but wacom for graphics tablets. They are the best. I currently use a Medium size Wacom Intuos 4.

For just scribbling notes and doing minor photo touch ups I would recommend either a Small Wacom intuos 4 ( which cost about 200$ Canadian) OR a Wacom Bamboo ( around 100$ Canadian) more or less.
You could possibly find other cheap brands which would be more than adequate for your need however , I would not recommend them at alll…
Wacoms are built extremely well and will last you YEARS… In 10 years I’ve only had to buy 2 wacom tablets. The first 10 years ago a Wacom 6x8 intuos 1 and didnt have to buy a new one until this year because I lost the pen and couldnt buy a replacement because it was 10 years old =p. Soo i decided to upgrade.

Good luck.

Thanks for that! I’ve got my eye on a Wacom bamboo pen graphics tablet, which Amazon is selling for under £50 here:

I find with new students, especially pre-intermediates, sometimes a picture really does speak a thousand words.

Yeah… Go for it! Should be fine with Bamboo!

I bought a small graphics-tablet two or three years ago. I wanted to use it with the PowerPoint presentation software. I noticed that the software or driver for the tablet tool requires too much resources of my notebook computers. I stopped using it. I suppose that using the tablet tool with your Netbook computer is not recommended. The response might be very slow.

I bought the Wacom Bamboo last year and I use it with for practicing Kanji. I can also use it to draw kanji with the Japanese IME handwriting pad. It’s very cool, I can draw the kanji on the pad and the IME software pops up the possible kanji. I am very happy with it and my hardware came with the Adobe Photoshop Elements. I am using my Bamboo with a Dell Vostro with an intel duo core 2.66 Ghz and 4 GB Ram and Windows 7 64 bit OS. I have no appreciable slowness with the software and the hardware is very responsive. Good luck!

I got a Bamboo pen tablet for Christmas. It is stubbornly refusing to recognise my Russian cursive handwriting though. Back to the copybook for me :frowning:

Flowersuccess is very much enjoying the software that comes with it. She likes giving the Mona Lisa a beard.


May I ask how you’re using the tablet? WHat do you mean by “recognise” and what software are you using to do what you’re doing?

The tablet doesnt try to recognize anything unless you’re using gestures to open programs. Its just a digital input system whatever you write/draw on the tablet will show up on your screen. It doesnt invent or change anythign you write… Sure it wont look exactly like your hand writing but with a little practice itll be close. If its a surface texture problem ( too smooth) you might want to try to put a peice of paper over it as it adds more of a paper feel to it like your hand writing.

The Bamboo comes with a handwriting recognition software that interfaces with your word processor. From my experience, it works pretty well with English with both block letters and cursive. You simply use the pen to write your text using block letters or cursive writing style and when you hit “enter” the software converts it to digital text! I think you would have to ask some Russian friend to point you to a handwriting recognition package for Russian, I found this one using Google. Download Russian handwriting recognition for Tablet PC (Professional) 5.08. I would think (or at least hope) there should be something out there that works.

The problem is that my handwriting is very uneven. Both in English and Russian I end up having to write in block letters before anyone, including myself, can read what I’ve written. I thought I’d try the handwriting recognition as a legibility test, as I rarely get real Russians reading my writing.

I’ll try the piece of paper trick.

YEah unfortunately tablets are very sensitive =p. Try writing on something with more texture by overlaying a paper or cardboard. Itll file down the nibs faster but should help a little… IT does take some getting used too… its definitely not like writing on paper…

I find Wacoms predominance strange- same as with apple products. I have a Genius Pensketch 9x12 that provides an a4 active area for drawing and it’s epic! for the same price you’d get a teeny weeny wacom.

Actually, I’ve bought XP-Pen Artist 12 ( from ) for my wife, she is learning how to draw in ArtRage.

As for me, I am using XP-Pen DECO 02 for photo editing. Was going to sell it and switch to XP-Pen Artist serise, but now I am not so sure, because of the touch ring. I really like it on DECO 02 (Undo/Redo/Brush Size/Scroll/Zoom).

Hello guys after googling I found Wacom Cintiq Pro 16 Graphic Tablet and the price too expensive. it is the best graphic tablet anyone know here for guide about this tablet?