Does anyone still use LingQ to learn Esperanto?

I’ve recently started learning Esperanto with LingQ, but that part of LingQ seems to be quite dead. There’s a lot of good content there, and thanks to LingQ’s interface, it is easy to import new content from other places, but no new content seems to be added directly by providers.

So, I was wondering—is there anyone currently learning Esperanto on LingQ?

I didn’t even know they had Esperanto here at LingQ!

While i have no interest in learning that particular language, perhaps there are others that would be.

Good luck,


I think Fasulye is a tutor of Esperanto. I don’t know if anyone is learning Esperanto, but I know I won’t be learning it.

The Esperanto library grows here. I remember the times when there were no new lessons for me. But now I have a lot of new lessons again.

I used to use the Esperanto slot for Greek. :slight_smile:

Hi gregf! I read some people they use one of the language slots to learn another. I have a question on how to do this process. Because I want to learn languages that aren’t on lingq, for example Slovak.

I use the Esperanto slot to learn Kichwa. There is no magic to it really, you just need to enter your own hints for words manually. If you want you can also use the import option on the Vocabulary page to import word lists.

I am, now.

If there is Esperanto content on LingQ, I’ll start brushing up on my Esperanto.