Does anyone know how to correct typos in the text?

Hi ~

I found a typo in a reading (Login - LingQ) and I wonder if anyone knows how I, as a reader, may be able to correct it.



Simply ask LingQ support for editor access for the languages you want to correct.

First I would ask the provider to correct the typo/mistake. If there is no provider or no reaction, you can do it yourself if you have editor rights (see Vera’s post).

How do I reach LingQ support? And what do I do if I know that the there is a wrong word, but don’t know what the correct word is? (The incorrect word is “porqu&eaacute”)


Provider of this podcast: Prof. Orlando R. Kelm

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Hi JohnR1948
the word “porqu&eaacute” refers to “porqué” - the “&eaacute” is the HTML code for a special character, in this case an acute accent ( ´ ).
It is not supposed to show that way.