Does anyone have a list of French Ebook stores

Does anyone have a current list of the largest ebook providers in France?
I am not buying anything more from amazon because of DRM as Calibre no longer supports the removal of DRM.
I want DRM books so I can convert to epub and import to Lingq.

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Hi Alan,

I can’t recommend any ebook providers that are DRM free. Myself I use Rakuten Kobo. You can check the Kobo FNAC store:

Gutenberg is a great resource for free ebook, but the books are free because their copyright have expired, which means they are old classic books of French literature: Browse By Language: French | Project Gutenberg

This shouldn’t be a problem for learning French if you don’t go too far back in time.

Bonne chance!

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I found in Germany that there are a few. also offers a very good reading app called Tolino.
Hugendubel does and there is another called I think.
Just in case this is helpful to you.

@alandickey I think Calibre doesn’t support directly DRM removal but you need to add an extension for it. Anyway, Ultimate Epubor is a lot easier and does the job.

It is true that Germany seems to have more platforms for books but I don’t know any specific for France unfortunately.

I’ve used a number of times.

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Im using Calibre with DeDrm plugin to remove DRm, but i could only make it work with downloading the book from Amazon, from the Digital Content page. If i download a kindle book from there and add it to Calibre, it removes DRM. You also need to add the kindle serial number when setting up the DeDrm plugin.


I looked into this and DRM removal plug in seems not to be supported any longer.

You can have a look at this post:

I included the link to the new DeDRM plugin. The original plugin is no longer maintained.

I use the website
I imported a few Houellebecq books in French from there but won’t get back to learning that language seriously for a while.

I am not buying anything more from amazon because of DRM as Calibre no longer supports the removal of DRM

The old DeDRM plugin for Calibre still works for Kindle books published pre-2023. I’ve imported thousands of Kindle pages (mainly in German, English, Spanish, and Dutch) in the last few months into LingQ.

However, this old plugin doesn’t work any more for Kindle books published in 2023.

Ergo, you should have thousands of Kindle books in French you could import into LingQ :slight_smile:

Good luck

I’m looking for French translations of my favorite English writers in pdf form for use on LingQ.

For instance, I can find Hemingway’s “The Sun Also Rises” on Project Guternberg, but not the French translation, “Le soleil se lève aussi” – no doubt for French copyright reasons.

There are French websites which allow one to purchase the French PDF for a reasonable price, but I want to know what type of DRM I’m likely to encounter and how difficult to extract the text for conversion to LingQ.

I got the common French paperback translation of “The Sun Also Rises” in EPUB form. I used Calibre to convert it to TXT, extracted the first chapter and imported it into LingQ. Worked fine.

I find it necessary to convert to TXT, not PDF, in order to preserve the paragraph breaks, when importing to LingQ.