Does anyone else feel like it's especially difficult to find podcasts with transcripts in Japanese?

It just doesn’t seem like the Japanese are into transcripts. When I tried doing a search in Japanese, I mostly found sites pointing out English podcasts with transcripts for Japanese studying English.

I mean, Steve could find transcripted material even in Ukrainean. I wonder why it’s so scarce in Japanese?

If it makes you feel any better I’ve been looking for months for Greek transcripts to anything. I think generally only the FIGS have good supplies of such materials. So I don’t think Japanese is especially difficult, no. :slight_smile:

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FNN news uploads 1 to 5 minute news spots with transcripts. Best is to look up FNN news on youtube and in the “show more” you see the link to the same video and transcript on the FNN page. I prefer to watch the video on YT because the player is better.