Does anyon elese want to see Bengali added?

I know they are incredibly busy but I was wondering if there was anyone else who would want it in the future?

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I don’t personally care, but I thought I should add because no one else has responded and I’m assuming you are new here

It doesn’t matter how many people “want” a language to be added, or how important or popular the language is. LingQ adds languages when they have enough material to add it. So, if anyone else in the future ever responds to you, you might want to use the thread to get some volunteers together to assemble the content.

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I would. I’ve been using Ling (not LingQ!) for Bengali, and it’s okay. However, it’s definitely not nearly as good. It’s oddly difficult to find consistent material for Bengali in spite of how many native speakers it has.


Right ok thanks!

Yh iI know there is a teach youserslf, colloquial and glossika but in terms of real material I haven’t looked into it yet but if iI choose to learn it iI think i’ll have to search for these beforehand to see if I actually would have enough. Good luck!