Does a language shape your Personality?

Hey guys!

I was watching a video the other day from Luca Lampariello and David Mansaray where they describe how different languages change our personality in certain ways. It’s really cool when Luca starts expressing different body language while speaking like 6 different languages!!

Here’s the video if you’re curious: How language shapes personality - YouTube

I was wondering if this happens with you guys? For me personally, I can relate with Luca and when I speak Spanish I feel more alive and extroverted. Let me know how does it work for you :slight_smile:


I think so, to some extent. When I speak Spanish I tend to be a lot more demonstrative than when I speak English. For example, I used to get overwhelmed when my Mexican friends would tell me they appreciated me as a friend by saying I was like an angel from heaven, etc. Then I realised it was just a normal way of expressing themselves, so I tried to emulate it. At first it felt really artificial and I felt like I was being a hypocrite, but later it came to feel more natural, just like a different way of expressing my own feelings.

We already discussed this video a few days ago :slight_smile: