Do you want to learn English? Do you need help?

Hello everyone,

I posted this in another thread…but I think it is best if I have my own thread. It’s much easier to keep track of the forum - I’m new to this forum!

I’m a native english speaker and I live in the UK. I’m happy to help anyone who is serious about wanting to learn English. Add me on Skype, and we can work on improving your English skills. I want to do this in my free time, so I might not always be around. Whenever I AM around, we can talk.

My skype ID is: EFWhaha.

If I do not get back in touch with you immediately, please do not feel bad about this. I will try to get back to whoever contacts me. Obviously I cannot sit at my computer 24/7. :smiley:

Take care, and hope to hear from people soon. :slight_smile:


i have added you on skype, hope to talk to u soon :slight_smile:

Tnx for your responsibility action .
I add u & also connect u soon.
Hadi Noori from Iran.

Hello, I will add you on Skype. I would like to improve my spoken English. My Skype ID: sacka525

Hi, I’d like to practice speaking English with you
I am looking forward to hearing from u :slight_smile:

my Skype ID : eng.mohammad.mustafa85