Do you want learn Portuguese?

Hi! I’m learning English and I’m a native speaker of Portuguese. I’m from Brazil.

Você pode falar mais tarde à noite, como as 21:00 (SP)?

Hi Leandro, i have been learning continental portuguese for 3 months - i would be interested in some lessons over skype.

Edwin, eu posso conversar a partir das 23:20 (SP), quase todos os dias. Deixe seu nome de usuário no Skype aqui, assim poderemos nos falar.

Nmendels, OK, I will like to talk with you, what your Skype’s username?

I already tried to add you in Skype about 3 days ago, still waiting for your reply.

Sorry. I can add you today, when I get home, at 23:30…

Everyone that wants to talk in english and/or portuguese, please add me on skype or msn.

Skype: leandro.macedo87

I will be pleased to speak with you in portugese and teach you English

My skype is falarodrigo.