Do you want a little light entertainment in Chinese? Have a look at this easy TCB lesson!

Here is the link to the lesson. I won’t spoil your fun by giving anything else away!


just curious why you found this so entertaining

Wulfgar, because she has a sense of humour.

Why don’t you take your bad attitude and constant sniping some place else?

Mods - it would be great if all little Wulfy’s duplicates would also show up in his avi so we all know which comments to ignore.

Rae, thanks for all your effort putting up lessons. I know this isn’t easy to do.

It certainly makes a re-freshing change from users that continually snipe etc, whilst in turn, contributing nothing.

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Thanks so much Rae! Got a good laugh out of it; reminds me of my husband’s egg-on-face moment. Can’t wait to get into these lessons when it’s my Mandarin time again.

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