Do you use LingQ daily?

Hey people! I’m looking for another fellow LingQer who uses LingQ regurarly so we could encourage each other in keeping long streaks, possibly tryharding. We would check each other statistics now and then and in case the other one wouldn’t be completing daily goal, he would be reminded by the other person. If there is more of us, we can potentially create a group. I would like to get back into daily lingquing. My discord: Vojta#2638


Generally I do. I need to listen to more stuff as my writing proficiency is definitely higher over my speech. I have found for some thing the listening and speaking helps further embed them.


I’m planning to use it everyday, but i’ve signed up just today. Anyway, my goal is do exercises in LingQ for 365 days, and I’m pretty sure that I’ll do it.


My current streak is 54. But some people on youtube says that breaks in learning are also important

I’ve done it for about 23 days… come on!