Do you think that not having a goal in language learning is a problem?

I’ve studied English just for fun for the last two years. I don’t want to take English tests anymore and at the moment, I don’t have a plan to get or change to a job using English. I immerse myself in English every day and enjoy all the aspects of learning it, but I worry about whether I am only maintaining my current level and not making much progress.

How can you be content and stay a happy learner when you learn a language for fun?

If you enjoy the language, if you learn for fun, you will progress faster than if you learn it for someone else, for an exam.

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Two years? Are you serious? You are more articulate in English than many native speakers.

Beyond a certain level you’re less likely to see such obvious progress as you were making earlier in your journey. But if you continue living with the language as you say you do, you cannot but make progress. Native speakers learned and keep learning their native language through exposure. No one who is constantly immersed in any language will only be maintaining.

This is true in my case. It’s called intrinsic motivation. I enjoy doing it all for sake of doing it rather than the potential reward.

At the gym, I do power lifting. I had a goal to lift xxx amount of weight but once I made that goal, my focus and dedication plummeted a bit afterwards.

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I think it’s wonderful to learn just for the fun of it. That’s the way I learned English too. Keep it up and have fun! :wink:

P.S. My main motivation was that knowing the language I was able to read novels in English, most of which I really loved.

You are not alone! I’m studying English just for the pleasure of doing it, no real goal or plans…
For sure we’ll improve our Englsh all the same.

I have learned English “just for fun” for two years, but I started studying it a long time ago. :slight_smile:

I got my first post corrected by a native speaker. :wink:

You comment has encouraged me. Thank you!

I get happy when I succeed to cook a new food or learn a new dance step etc, but I don’t seem to get that satisfaction when learning English.

Maybe I should pay more attention to my small improvements as I am learning it.

I should try to find what I love to do in English as you do. Thanks!

Thank you for your comment. I will try to stay positive when I am studying!

They have so much here in the English. Even though I’m a native speaker, I have been reading one of the Sherlock Holmes stories because I’d always wanted to read more of the “classics”. There is definitely a lot of interesting content here that can help you maintain English.

I learn all of my languages for fun, using a language for work was only a side-effect. My motivation is even higher, only my family found it strange that I put so much effort in a hobby which didn’t let me earn significant money.

Yes, we have here a very good choice of podcasts at least in English, German, Russian and French libraries for different levels from A1 to C2.
That’s why I can’t understand some members who ignore the content of our libraries and use only for importing texts from the Internet.
What about a goal in language - I believe that just our desire to know a new languafge is a very good desire, isn’t it?
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Yes, I am a Japanese native speaker and enjoy some Japanese contents in LingQ library as well :slight_smile:

We have to work on even our native language to maintain and improve too,don’t we?


I know that you have created excellent English contents in the library. The only problem in the library for me is that it is hard to find interesting contents because there are so many! I should be just happy that learning a new language has brought me new people and new perspectives. :slight_smile: I hope that you had a good Christmas. Happy new year!

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It is interesting for you to mention that using a language for work being a just by-product and your family’s perspective. My family doesn’t understand either why I invest so much time,efforts, and money for learning English, which I am doing it just for fun.