Do you really need to know the language you are studying?

I like learning languages because it opens new worlds, unlock different cultures and you discover things that wasn’t possible before, it’s so rewarding, and certain particular languages are very interesting and beautiful to me, but, I learn them because I like, not because I have the need to learn them for school, job, travel or whatever…
My question is, have you ever learned a language that you don’t have the need to learn or am I the only one who does that?

After I study on Spanish for a few years, I plan on learning modern Greek. Unlike with Spanish or Koine Greek, I don’t need to know it for work, but I think it will be so exciting, and maybe one day I will even travel to Greece. Our passions play a large part in our motivation. Furthermore, I don’t strictly HAVE to know Spanish or Koine greek for work, but I think it is helping my brain. It’s like I can feel myself getting more smarterer :slight_smile:


Let me play the devil’s advocate:
Do you have any languages you don’t like and don’t like to study? Do you not like them because they are neither rewarding nor beautiful? Studying uninteresting and “weired” languages is likely to be futile, but every language might show you a new world and it might be a “beautiful” language.

Thank you for giving me a chance to “flood” the forum. I am not a native speaker of English, and trying to post comments in English as many as possible helps me a lot.

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I learnt or am still learning Spanish purely for the reason of me being jealous of all the bilingual people and me being from England being monolingual I had enough. and oh always thought it would be really really cool communicating in another language.

i’ve dabbled in italian and french over the past few months though i really have little need to learn them at all i just think the places where they are spoken are interesting .and you never know if any language is going to be beneficial in some way in the future


All the languages I learn is interesting to me in some way, the most uninteresting of them is Spanish, and even though, Spanish is so easy to me and all the neighbor countries around mine speaks it, so for me it would be a great reward.

I don’t really “need” to know any language besides English. I live in a monolingual region 750 km from the nearest international border, on the other side of which they also speak English. I work for an large American company, and have thus far found everyone I need to communicate with globally knows English. (The hardest to understand has not been Chinese or Russian or Brazilian, but Scottish. :wink: Yet here I am on Lingq.

Besides the Russian which I studied back in school and that I concentrate on here for fun, I have taken a semester of German, a semester of Spanish, two semesters (1x / week) of Arabic, and a smattering of French and Esperanto. In most cases I just wanted to know something about the language, no need to master it. With cognates and calques you can make some sense of a lot of printed material in those European languages on very limited study. With Arabic I wanted the script to be more than just illegible squiggles.


I think this question better. I would suspect that most people here, and in general, are learning because they actually enjoy it or see it as a means to something else they truly enjoy. So, your version of the question is far more interesting to me.

I don’t need to know any second languages, but the more years I spend on some language, the more people around me expect that I can do things with it. So then I start to feel like I need it. Hehe


Nope I don’t have any need to learn French or any other language lol. I just do it because I think it’s a cool skill on the side to have at your disposal. Also, I would like to go to a foreign country and feel just as at home as here in England. In addition you never know when it will come in handy. I have seen several job opportunities online which simply demand knowing the language of that country. Nevertheless there is a love-hate relationship with the journey of language learning that I can’t seem to put to bed. I keep bringing myself back to learning and keen to maintain my 10 day streak so far haha.

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Haha, I too was on a trip, where in an area that spoke Arabic at home and French at work it was relatively easy to communicate with people, despite only knowing English and tourist Spanish. (Once bought a water bottle with the guy giving me my change in German. Weird, but it works.)

One of the hardest languages to place was a couple speaking near us. Listening and listening, after a few minutes eavesdropping, I finally placed the language - English. They were Scottish!

Also, your country is the nearest country to my country. I could drive 951 kilometers (600 miles), and end up across country lines in Niagra Falls. How very international!

If I want to officially enter into a country that doesn’t have English as its government language, I can drive 2,800 km south, to cross my country’s nearest land border. That’s equivalent to the drive from Paris to Moscow. Hola, howdy, neighbor del sur!

Yes. I have to speak English because it was prerequirement to get my current job. I need to understand English because I have to read the recent articles about my profession.

I had to be able to read and write in German at the university but now I don’t need it anymore. After all these exhausting years, I don’t want to study German anymore.

For Spanish, I don’t really need to study this language but last year I thought that I should learn something different and decided to learn Spanish. That’s how I discovered LingQ.

I have been to Budapest for a week. I would like to study Hungarian if it would be offered on LingQ because I love Hungary and the Hungarian people so I’d like to have meaningful conversations with them in their language and show them that I really respect the Hungarian culture. However I don’t need to speak Hungarian, my broken English was fair enough to survive.

Besides English, I am learning (and will learn) languages for fun.

Do I know English? Do I know German? I don’t know.
At what level can you say you know a foreign language?

Тут есть русские?

When I say “know” I mean to have the skill of communication in a foreign language.
But the main point of the question is the need to study a foreign language.

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И не только.

Нет, только украинцы.