Do you read out loud to yourself?

Hi there.
I’m wondering if people actually do that. I’ve heard that’s something that might be helpful, especially when someone doesn’t have many opportunities to talk to people in the target language.


Hi Greg:) Reading out loud and recording yourself in order to point your mistakes out, improve pronunciation, accelerate acquisition of the language structure et cetera…in my opinion it’s the best thing you can have done in your own.


Cześć :slight_smile:
I don’t plan on recording myself - still worth reading out loud? :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t read out loud. It might be useful, but I have no idea if it really is.

I do it and I think it has helped. I’m tripping over my tongue less during real conversations anyway.

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That is my opinion too.

Cześć. Yes, it is irrelevant whether you record your self or not. By reading out loud your brain will absorb new sounds, moreover in the future it will be easier to speak because you will already have some sort of output:)

I read out loud and also record myself to hear if I’m pronouncing the words correctly. Reading out loud does help but recording your phrases is an added advantage to hear were you are going wrong.

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I do. I want to practice my speaking skills as much as I can other than from natural conversation. I want to be able to pronounce words enough to where some of the practice carries over to natural conversation.

Just like listening. With lots of listening, some of it carried over to speaking because I knew what it sounded like and the only battle was working my muscles. With lots of speaking, I would hope in conversation, the only struggle would be is just FINDING the right words rather than struggling to pronounce them. I hope people understand my logic.

Lots of listening → Helps with speaking in some way
Lots of speaking → Helps with conversation in some way


I copletyly agree with You! My tongue doesn’t need to struggle with words while constructing a new sentence because many of them have already been pronounced by my mouth many time.

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Wow. I better start reading out loud then!

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Yes I believe reading out load truly helps! I find that listening and reading to a lesson one after the other about half a dozen times each massively helps comprehension and understanding. The reading out loud helps you understand what you are saying and hear the sounds and the listening consolidates this textual understanding and trains your ear to native speech.


About 5 mins every day. And always record myself and listen after.