Do you prefer the LingQ Website or the App?

I normally use LingQ on the computer and I’ve already learned the keyboard shortcuts, although I’ve noticed that some people find it easier to learn using the App. Which one do you prefer and why?


I use the app occasionally, but I prefer the Website! :slight_smile:

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im big on the website too for reading. it is much easier to use in my opinion. I don’t mind paragraph mode on mobile, but larger content (1k words plus) seem more intimidating on mobile for some reason. for listening, 80% is on mobile though.

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I prefer the LingQ website !

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I prefer using the website on my computer because it allows me to use my mouse and keyboard instead of having to tap a screen with my fingers(less tiring for my hands). I do however find the app to have a cleaner design and I prefer the way it displays overlapping lingq phrases. Ideally, you would be able to pair a bluetooth keyboard and mouse with the ipad app to get the best of both worlds. With the latest ipad OS you can now use a mouse with the ipad but when I’ve tried it with my mouse it isn’t able to distinguish between wanting to highlight text and create a lingq…pity.

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I actually found the mobile app less intimidating with large texts. Something to do with using a smaller screen made me find it easier to nibble away at larger content.

That’s funny, and I like that way of looking at it. I think I use the desktop version so much because I like being able to see the bar lines of how far you are in a lesson. The mobile version (especially in sentence mode) is indistinguishable. as far as actual readability though mobile is great. I just like a bar

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I’ve grown to like the bar too.

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using mostly the website , wanna start using the app more for just reviewing lingqs , probably should review more :wink: but i enjoy working through a new text more… and just started using the importer app
which i enjoy :wink: so usually i have a second tab open with the video i watch…
i also do write words and phrases by hand while doing this , overall does feel way more engaged
and with the app i play around when there is some time to kill :wink:

overall i`m glad lingq covers both options but yes i prefer the website

I prefer the website for the initial lingqing as thr dictionaries work better and its faster with that shortcuts. I aslso Use it for importing from Netflix and sorting lessons etc.

when I sit down to do thr actual reading, I use thr iPad because you can now create new lingqs using thr app (before you could not), you can make more Detailed overlapping lingqs and it’s more comfortable Physically in a nice chair away from thr computer.

For Korean as a beginner, definitely the website. This is partly because the text-to-speech is much better on macOS than on iOS/Android, but also because I can reference the translations more easily than with the app. I can also look things up on Google more quickly and efficiently when I need better explanation or meanings.

For reading as opposed to studying, iOS/Android app hands down.

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I’m only using Lingq at the moment to read books. I put anything I can get the DRM off of into Lingq and read it on the website. I watch movies and tv shows on the internet for my listening practice, but I hate reading without my obliging assistant Lingq. I no longer review the words any more as I finally got Steve K’s point that it’s best to review them by encountering them over and over as I read.

As a Newcomer I prefer the Website. Just downloaded the App but I had some difficulties getting used to it. So I’ll use the Website until I get to know LingQ better:)