Do you practice "intensive reading"?

Hello guys,

Like in a systematic way, for example, keeping 30 minutes or an hour aside daily focusing on grammar structures and how connectors(because, in addition, on the other hand etc) are used between sentences. Which grammatical structures are used? Reading a few interesting sentences out loud.


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Hey hi.

Not really

No, not really. I was doing that for a bit but it’s hard for me to stay focused on reading in English, let alone Spanish.

Hi, i do this myself but only for reading material that is above my current level.

No, not really. Maybe I don’t know what you are really asking.

For me, reading is reading. I do it all in LingQ and I pay attention to what I don’t know, making lingqs along the way and tapping on ones I’ve already made if I’m not sure.

When I was doing 90 day challenges and therefore dilligently studying every day for a 1.5 hours, I would try to spend 1/2 hour on the the “bottom up” activities as Master Steve called them (grammar, vocab review, research, etc) and the one hour of the 1.5 hours would be spent doing the activity (listening, reading, writing, etc)