Do you live up to daily goals, work around them or ignore them? How do you use linq?

I’m having a hard time keeping up with this. How do you guys use linq for your language learning?

Oh, personally for me it’s only the amount of time I spent on lingq and how much i’ve read in one day, other statistics don’t really matter to me. And the same should be for you i think, to keep the streak you don’t need to do all of this stuff completely. It only helps to see how much progress you’ve done, which is amazing. You choose yourself what is most important for you and you keep up with it.


Well, I try to do them every day. sometimes it is hard, especially “lingqs learned” that is why I give more importance to listening time and the others just to push me forward.

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Hmm, I could use this, thanks.

Do what you can do. I don’t pay attention to the goals personally, although they can be useful at times to push you to do a little more. I don’t need the motivation myself.
I’m in it for the long haul. Sometimes though, life outside of language learning may have to take priority. If I’m busy at work, stressed, on vacation, I don’t let myself feel like I HAVE to do LingQ today.

Having said this, you do still need to make it a habit and make time for it on a regular basis. If at all possible, do SOMETHING each day. Maybe that’s only 5 minutes of reading. That shouldn’t be hard. You can do it in the bathroom. Do it in line at the store (or in line anywhere). Find these little idle places where you can and fit some more reading in. Listen while you’re driving or doing chores or working out or walking.

You can still learn a language with very little time spent a day (at least at the pre-advanced stages). I’m pretty sure I’ve only averaged at best about 15 min a day through my beginner and intermediate (Lingq levels) stages. It just takes longer. I’m about 5 years in and only just recently completed LingQ advanced 1. I have improved immensely though. It’s amazing to go online and look at an online newspaper or something else that you couldn’t understand at all before, and now you do. Probably not all of it, but a decent amount and certainly way more than you could before!

I am now currently trying to fit more time in, particularly listening as I feel like I need a lot more improvement in that. I’m trying to do at least a half hour of listening a day, but for reading I’m probably still at that 10-15 min a day mark on average. I know it will come.

If you can fit more time in, all the better. My main point is, do what’s comfortable for you. Push it a bit from time to time and look for places to sneak some learning in, but if you need a bit of a break, or just a reduction of time spent for a bit, don’t worry about it. Just don’t make the breaks be a habit. You do need to consistently spend time each day to progress, but you can also pause for quite some time and pick it back up again if you are motivated.


Break “I will achieve daily goals every day” down into “I will try to acheive daily goals for the next six months” (or whatever time period). These goals I consider “studying” or

Time limiting the “cramming” effort makes it more mentally achievable because you know there is an end in sight. At least this is how I see it.

I’m coming up to the end of my second six month stint in Russian.

I mostly achieved daily goals the first six months in lingQ, the second six months (this one) it was on and off but I mostly achieved my anki daily goals.

I’m going to do one more six month stint in Russian where I consider it to be “studying” the language then I’m done. No more cramming.

You can also try the 30 day challenges or the 90 day challenges to get the same kind of results. I did a 90 day challenge and it was ok.