Do you know of any radio programs about language?

The most effective promotion we ever did for LingQ was when I was interviewed on a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation radio program called “C’est la vie”. This program is directed at people in Canada who are vaguely interested in French. The program discusses French and introduces a few phrases.Thousands of people joined LingQ as a result.

Do you know of similar radio programs in any language?



The BBC World service does a whole bunch of podcasts for people learning a number of languages. English, Russian, Mandarin Chinese…see I tried the Russian Business news, but it was far too hard for me.

Similarly Deutsch Welle does a bunch of podcasts for people learning German. e.g the slowly spoken news Slowly spoken news reports | Learning German – DW – 01/01/1970. I prefer Annik Ruben’s podcasts, Slowly spoken German and Schlaflos in Muenchen

Erm…actually I suppose I’ve misunderstood the question. You mean programmes about learning foreign languages, where you could talk about LingQ. No I don’t, though if the BBC does any they will be on the World Service. I’ll scout around.

Hi Steve,

try to email at They present actual informations and background knowledge about a lot of different things not especially language learning. One of there last podcast themes was about language learning and maybee you can get an interview. Here is a link to the radio station:

Also try The link to the radio station is:

Also try The Link is:

I hope it works.

Hi Steve,

I do not know a radio program, but maybe an other source. Please look at This is a German magazin for language learning in different languages with interesting articels, podcasts and transcripts. I use often this material. Regulary there are also articels and interviews about language learning. Maybe you can contact the publishing company.

I think the purpose of Steve is to get attention for LingQ and an Interview in the radio program is a great thing!

Most sites which offer learning material wouldn’t cooperate. They want attention for their own site. Most they feel like they are in competition with LingQ.

Thanks for the suggestions I will follow up.