Do you Know Interesting Blogs about Germany in German?

Do you know any interesting blog written in German about Germany today? Even that would explain rules for foreign people, interesting stuff, food, and a set of other things?

The point is to follow these blogs and sometimes import the articles on LingQ so that I could do two things at the same time: learning German and learning about Germany today.


Not exactly what you’re looking for, but maybe of interest to you might be the youtube channel WDR Reisen… ARD Reisen - YouTube

They usually (always?) have true subtitles (not autogenerated) so you can import them nicely. It’s a lot of traveling to various places including a lot of German cities.


Maybe something like this? Reisen in Deutschland - Vielweib on Tour

Here’s some other “travel” type ones:

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how about reading wikipedia articles written in german language. You can literally search anything there.

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Thanks Eric. The 1st one is inactive since almost 1 year. I added the 2nd one on Feedly and I’ll have a look at it in the next weeks.

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Thanks for this. I’m thinking to open a new thread just for German Vlogs. In the meantime I subscribed to this Youtube channel as well. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it’s true but I prefer a personal touch of a personal blog if possible. And also connected with the reality we are living and so on.

I try to find any possible way to stay motivated to learn German until I find the best sources that are closer to my personality, I guess. :smiley:

Ciao Davide,

Ti linko di seguito un thread dove @SergeyFm ha elencato tutta una serie di canali YouTube germanofoni (maggior parte con sottotitoli), tra i quali anche alcuni dedicati alla attuale societá tedesca.

Se ti interessano anche usi e costumi in generale, c’é una serie molto carina (in inglese) curata da DW, Meet the Germans. Ti lascio il link qui di seguito:

Ok, anche se credo di non aver risposto appieno alla tua domanda, spero comunque che questi suggerimenti ti possano aiutare :smiley:


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Ottimo, grazie per il link, ci sono un sacco di canali Youtube da guardare e da spulciare, ma non ci sono blog. Però farò un’accurata ricerca su ogni canale, grazie ancora.

I think blogging just simply is going by the wayside. It’s all podcasts, youtube channels and vlogs.

I didn’t mention it because they are podcasts/youtube channels but easygerman and slowgerman are both excellent. The latter being somewhat closer to a blog style with transcript.

The easygerman videos are pretty awesome though for “everyday” life kind of things with native Germans. They also have a podcast which is excellent. I highly recommend doing their patreon subscriptions to get the transcripts to import into lingq. If not now…at least at some point because there is awesome authentic conversation…natives speaking to each other, everyday speech, etc.

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Hi Eric, thanks for the suggestions. I know very well EaseGerman and SlowGerman but it’s not what I’m looking for here. They might be good for “learning” but here I try to find things that more “motivate” me. It’s a different approach I guess, so I search for constant input until I find the best that keep me engage with the language.

From a vlog point of view, I would search something more like “Casey Neistat or Marques or many others”. It’s not really what they share but more who they are and if I like what they do. It’s more a sort of personal touch than the topic per se.

Probably I’m suffering from chronic boredom :smiley:

Haha… you may be suffering from that. I have the opposite problem. I think there’s so much interesting content I’m easily distracted.

Here’s maybe another channel that might be interesting for you. Die Frage - YouTube

Otherwise I’d suggest searching in youtube for topics of interest, but search “auf Deutsch”.

One other idea that I got from mattfromjapan channel is to create a separate account from your main youtube channel that is strictly for the language you are learning. that way you’ll get more suggestions in that target language. So I have a separate “german” channel that I switch to whenever i want to watch german language on youtube.

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Yeah, the problem is that I tend to watch things that are in English only, all the time. I should switch to German but I’m interested in knowing the language only and nothing much more. And probably my level is still too low so everything I could be interested is too difficult.

I have Youtube Premium that is set up in DE but than I procrastinate watching American TV series. :smiley:

But I’m increasing my dose of German on a daily basis so I’ll eventually get there. I mean. I have to. I need to transform myself on Mr. Miyagi but for myself :smiley: – or on a mini Yoda…

Nope, I haven’t just said that, no, no, I don’t want to subscribe to Disney+ to watch The Mandalorian. No, No, I’m resisting to that, sir!

Madam Netflix: “Resistance is futile”.


You need to find your why.

I already found my WHY. One day I was studying in the study area at a retirement home. One old german lady needed help with operating her phone and she spoke German but I couldn’t understand her. Her expression was like “this kid is freaking useless cant learn German”. After that my mind went on a crusade against German language now after 9 months the same lady said to me “ I could understand you and you could understand me”. It is a very beautiful language if you go cross over that initial blur of noise phase- it took me 600 hours of active listening to hop over it after that I really appreciate how complex and full of quality this German language is. It is like a quality step up on English in every aspect. I stopped doing anything In English or my native language. Given a choice between these three language, I will only keep German language with me. It tests your willpower and preseverance.


Well, the whys could be an all full topic that could go very long.

But one thing you said is for sure, it tests your willpower and perserverance.

My old project was to learn English, French, Spanish, German and Chinese. Then health took me down for 10 years. I restarted my old project but the energies are not the same and I usually learn directly in the country because it’s easier. I had planned to move to Germany right in time when the covid started :smiley:
So now my plans have changed as I have to learn it at home. I’m not sure I’ll be able to tackle Chinese anymore but I can accomplish German.

Learning this language is becoming a great teacher!

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I have similar problems. Just like there’s tons of German content…there’s tons of great English content. I love listening to certain podcasts, youtube channels, audiobooks, American television etc.

I think to a degree, you’re right, your level may be too low to engage in really good listening/viewing content. I only feel now like I’m able to get something out of these more sophisticated listening items in German. I still don’t understand huge chunks of it, but I simply make a point of listening to it…at least something each day…preferably a half hour, but even a ten minute “Easy German” video is worth it.

At your level though, I was mostly listening and reading (with LingQ) and also the Dino Lernt Deutsch series (both reading and audio).

You really just need to make a point of spending some time everyday. The reading should be easy…bring it up on the app when you’ve got a free moment…standing in line, using the bathroom, whatever. Then just stick on something from 10 minutes…preferably 30 minutes a day to listen to.

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Yes, I guess I have to start working on listening. I do 1h a day more or less on reading and it’s ok, I’m improving but I feel that I’m still too slow.

I have calculated that I should bring myself to 4h a day including listening, writing and conversation.

I know the drill, I have to stick to it and it’ll come but I’m exploring any kind of new way to stay engaged with the language so that I don’t get bored or overwhelmed or too stressed out.

I also guess I have a high level of mental stress to deal with in this period so I believe this is a new obstacle to overcome as well. And listening triggers a strong resistance probably because it’s my weakest skill.

Thanks for all the advice though.

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