Do you know french content about stand up comedy

Do you know french content about stand up comedy?

What do you mean? Are you looking for videos of French comedians or what?

If so, just Google ‘French comedians’ and then search their names on YouTube and you’ll find all kinds of content.

For example: Gad Elmaleh, l’autre c’est moi (2 hours)

No I mean books about stand up comedy. I am aware that France has thousands of good comedians.
But I want to read about the art of stand up and techniques

Well, there exists a French actor/comedian named Vincent Tribout who says he has participated in over 200 “matchs d’impro” and has written a book titled “Stand up, le jeu de l’impro” (Editions Mango), but I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find any book written by a reputable comedian about the art of stand-up and techniques.
Bonne chance!

This book looks good. Besides giving general advice, it analyzes the work of some well-known French comedians:

Granted, it’s not specifically about stand-up comedy but about writing comedy in general

The product you mentioned doesn’t seem to be a book but a “boìte jeu”, that is an improvisation game based on a box filled with cards that suggest different topics to improvise on: