Do you Know a Software to Split Text in Multiple Smaller Files?

Well, the fact is that I don’t like the current LingQ’s import with bigger file sizes with thousands of words in it. It is not practical, especially when using lessons on Mobile phones. If for any reason, the audio reset, it would become impossible to scroll to 1 hour lesson to find where I was (and this happens!).

Do you know any softwares (Mac in my case) that can split a .txt in smaller .txt files? Deciding, for example, 1000/1500/2000 words each? With also the feature to avoiding cutting the last paragraph or something like that?


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I haven’t seen anything which allows splitting according to the number of words, but there is this free online tool which allows you to split your documents by number of pages.

If you know roughly how many words are in a page, then you can split the document accordingly.


@SeoulMate Thanks, I definitely keep this online tool as a valuable option.

I made a test with another book I have on LingQ as well, and it has roughly 300 words per page. So I need to use the “Fixed range” option and choose 7 pages to have around 2000 words for lesson.

If I want to calculate a 10’ average TTS audio per lesson, I suppose it would be around 1000 words per lesson (100wpm average), 4 pages split.

I will have to try.


I already give you an Oscar Award just for reading a long lesson on a Mobile phone? :grin:

I do not think so my heart can tolerate the experience! :grinning:


@asad100101 :laughing: :laughing:

I use every device in a different way actually, I don’t read any new lesson on iPhone but I review previous lessons R+L in various dead times we have during that day/week.
I don’t like to waste time on searching Blue Words on a Mobile phone for sure but it is quite easy to repeat lessons and convert yellow words or focus on the text.

But I don’t trust the audio anymore because it might reset the day after, out of the blue, and there is no way to realign the text with the audio so you need to search for it! Imaging if the audio reset in all 4 languages I had lessons opened (it happened more than once!).

Shorter lessons are better to not get mad if something like this happens. :laughing:

The idea is to create content of something I have already done but in shorter bites for Mobile use.

For example, in German that you study as well, there are lots of short content on Slow German, they are just few minutes for each story and they are great to use it on repeat.


I’ll make a Python script this afternoon. Split a text file to a character limit and upload each section as a lesson of a course. If the last section is less than 50% of a full lesson it combines it to the end of the previous lesson

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Incidentally, today, I had ChatGPT analyze the words of a copy-and-paste of a Lingoda PDF’s lesson text.

At one point, ChatGPT offered me some python code. I told ChatGPT I didn’t want the code but instead wanted it to do the work. It took a handful of back and forth of prompts but I was able to get what I wanted.

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I noticed that OpenAI uses the ‘AdvancedDataAnalysis’ mode over its regular chatbot on GPT4 by default now. This mode lets you upload files for analysis as well as write prompts. Its a great update but not quite as smart as the regular… It seems to get confused and writes python scripts to solve your non code related problems. Probably better for the everyday user to swap back.