Do You Have Nico's Full Text and Audio to Share?


If you are not familiar with Nico’s stories here’s the Youtube link for the A1: Deutsch lernen (A1): Ganzer Film auf Deutsch - "Nicos Weg" | Deutsch lernen mit Videos | Untertitel - YouTube

Do you know how can I have the full text for A1, A2 and B1 videos? And the full audio as well?

I can’t import the complete videos on LingQ because apparently they exceed 1h30’ limit. I don’t know if there’s a limit for the audio as well.

I’d like to upload the entire text of one film in one lesson only so that I can reread it again without jumping amongst 70 different split lessons.
Same thing for the audio, I’d like to have it all together to the playlist.

Thanks for any tips.

Just type nico in the search library, you will find more.

Thank you but I have them already. You haven’t read my post. I want to have the full text to import in one lesson only. Not 70 lessons for 1 film. Same thing for the audio.

I think there is a limit of certain words per lesson before it splits. I am not sure if it is technically possible to import a long text as one file/lesson. Zoran can answer your query better.

there is a solution but I don’t know if it is cumbersome for you. You can manually copy and paste each lesson text in a word file then you can read it as one long lesson. There is a button “Full text” which allows you to copy and paste text from each lesson outside lingQ into another application.

but if your next question is how to look up unknown words then you can use DeepL as a separate app. You can copy and paste your text there to know the meaning of any unknown words.

LingQ is a limited app in so many ways…

If my memory serves me right, Peter shared a software link through which you can extract audio from youtube video. Just wait for a while.

yes, there is a limit of 4000 words but this is not the case for the entire Nico’s film. All lessons in LingQ courses are broken down in very small pieces.

I can’t import the full video with all text because it’s longer than 1h30’.

If someone had the text I would like to avoid copying the text for each lesson. Btw, in the Web beta version, which should be available very soon, there is no full text option anymore. At least not now. So it’s not possible copying the text like that.

But maybe there is another way to extract all text for those 3 films?

I hoped someone have them here already.

Hi David,
I was going to say, you can probably get the full transcript from the actual site/course. As an aside, you might want to check it out, if you haven’t. It has lessons you can do (if you like that sort of thing), but also explanations… LEARN GERMAN | DW Learn German

In any event, they don’t have the full transcript that I could find. However you can get this from youtube itself. Go to the video. Under the video, just to the right of “save”, there are 3 dots. Click the 3 dots and you’ll have the option to open the transcript of the full movie. In this popup, there is another 3 dot that give you the option to toggle timestamps. At the bottom of the transcript pop up window you can select the language you want. (German). You can copy this whole transcript and do with it what you please. Not sure if LingQ will keep the whole lesson as one, or if it would split.

To get just the audio, you can grab the link for the youtube video and then go to YouTube to Mp3 Music Converter - YTMP3 and create an mp3 of it.

Again, not sure how LingQ would treat it. It may be too large.



Yes, I had already checked the website but didn’t find it. I was reading your post and as soon as I read 3 dots I was already on Youtube copying the transcript. :smiley:

I believe it’ll be split in 3 lessons but it’s absolutely ok. The problem with the lessons audio is that you have each time the introduction music and the end music and I find it painful if you wish to repeat the movie few times. Let’s say when walking.

You’re right about the audio. I will try to upload it but I have to check how to split it before eventually. It doesn’t have to match the text, it doesn’t matter, I just want to use the app as mp3 player.

Thank you very much.

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@eric. Just a quick update: I could upload all texts already but the audios are probably too long and doesn’t upload. It doesn’t tell me anything. I have no idea how to handle them for now but I have them already on iCloud Drive so I can use them from there. :slight_smile:

Btw: I’ve finished Dino’s stories and they were quite good actually. Now I see other free stuff here on LingQ and eventually go for another book in the next weeks.

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Glad you enjoyed the Dino stories and you were able to at least upload the Nico texts. Did it break that up? Or did it keep it as one long transcript?

The first one is in 5 lessons, the others in 7 lessons each. It should break at 4000 characters for each but I’m not sure about it. I uploaded with the beta but it worked well.

I’ve figured that it was more difficult to have too many lessons because my brain thinks that each time a lesson is finished is a break. So I have a hard time to read 30 small lessons in a row even if the story is easy. Because there are 30 breaks.

In this way I can repeat the story again in a much easier way and with less stress for my brain. So I can repeat the audio in the same way, although I would prefer to have it on LingQ.

If you have another suggestion for a story A1/A2 level I’d be happy to consider it. Even free pdf somewhere.

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I don’t that I recall, but I’ll try to remember. news is A2ish level, but I think you had said some time ago you didn’t like news =). They do have a “culture” section though so maybe that would work. Each article is short and has audio.

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It’s ok, I do have those news or articles, thank you. I’ve been using them now because I’ve started training my listening and I use what it’s available on LingQ.

I was just referring to stories in this case, like Dino’s. I’ll pick up something random on Amazon. Kein Problem! :smiley:

He Does have another series, aimed more at B1 level, and another aimed at C1. I’ve only read part of one of the books from the B1 series. Unfortunatley, it sort of didn’t appeal to me in terms of LingQ set up as each chapter is WAAAAAAAy shorter than the Dino chapters. Like it’s a half page of a chapter. Too short, so I never really got going on these.

The other books I’ve ready so far are beyond A2 level imo…Harry Potter first book, Ausgrechnet Sylt (adult level krimi). I am reading “Percy Jackson” - Diebe im Olymp. It’s a young adult fiction. It’s above A2, but I think simpler than Harry Potter (or I’ve gotten better). Olly Richards has a “Short Stories in German” you might check out. I think the first few chapters might actually be on LingQ somewhere that he provided so you could check them out and see if it suits you enough to buy the book.

Not importable to Lingq, but I also have checked out the cartoon book-- Greg’s Tagebuch. You’d have to read in kindle app to get translations. It’s entertaining. Also, the english version is a bit different than the German so you can’t parallel read everyrthing (english version available online for free).

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