Do you have a system to organize your youtube\netflix\Audible accounts by language?

Youtube has excellent language features and it’s Auto Translation is excellent provided the speaker is clear and concise. Their recommendation however is let’s say, erratic. It’s good in that it will correctly predict that I will like something, but in a very disorganized fashion designed to keep me procrastinating rather than working.

I’m having similar trouble on Amazon and Audible where the sites don’t know or care that I’m specifically being French today and knocks me back to English. I might have to get a French VPN to solve that problem.

How do all you polyglots handle this kind of stuff?

On Netflix you can create different profiles and change the interface language for each profile separately. When you do that it will start remembering what language each profile prefers to watch content in.


I have a separate Youtube account just for Spanish where I only follow channels from Spanish speaking countries. That way I’m not tempted to just watch videos in English all day. When I’m looking for new channels to watch I usually just check the channels I already follow to see who they are following and go from there. And I changed that account’s region to Spain so I only get breaking news and trending videos from that area of the world. It’s really easy to switch back and forth between accounts so when I do want to watch something in English I can do so without messing up the algorithm.

I share my Netflix with everyone in my house so I only use my one profile, as they will only allow you to create so many on one account. That said, Netflix is pretty good about recommending me stuff based on what I’ve watched and my likes/dislikes so I get tons of recommendations for shows/movies in Spanish now. The majority of their content is available in Spanish anyway. If you don’t have to share your account like me then I would recommend making another profile and maybe even changing the language settings of the site. Apparently, Netflix’s subtitle/audio content seems to change based on the language your account is set to and thus gives you more options to watch things in that language that aren’t available on the English version. For example, I can watch The Office with Spanish audio if I change the language settings but it only lets you watch it in English if your account is in English. This works for other languages too. I don’t know why they do it that way.

I don’t use Amazon or Audible so I can’t help you there.

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