Do you focus on one piece of content or do you like variety?


Throughout my Spanish study I have been using a variety of content (at the same time) to improve my comprehension, as I heard Steve Kaufmann say that the brain likes variety when learning. This has worked very well for me, but I have decided I am going to try and focus on only one piece of content for a while and see what my results are like. In my opinion, I think the main thing is that you enjoy the process and are consistent over a long period of time.

Feel free to let me know if you like to focus on one piece of content or prefer to have a variety! :slight_smile:

I typically like to follow one thing at a time. It allows me to feel more invested, and makes learning words easier because you tend to see the unknown words more often if they are coming from the same author, for example.

I am using the Guided Course approach. It has a variety of topics and it helps me to be invested. Therefore, I am just going through the courses, and once I have gone through all of courses I may go back and go over some lessons over to help me learn the lingqs I do not know.

I agree with you on this

It depends. When in mood to read a book or a series of articles, I stick to it for couple of days. When in mood for “exploring”, I stick to a guided course. When in mood for “work”, I re-read something that I found hard to understand before. When in mood to play, I jump from one thing to another like crazy. Same thing for languages: sometimes I stick to one, sometimes I explore three at once.

But I no longer consider “knowing a language” to be any kind of goal. Instead, it’s just a tool to understand whatever interests me at the moment. As a result I pretty much don’t “learn” anymore. I just read, listen and observe how it slowly gets easier and easier.

If I ever encounter a “need” to learn something, I’ll choose a different approach. But till then… just enjoying.

I focus on one piece of content to get used to the words used in that context. I find it helpful if I can find more podcast or etc about a certain topic with transcript.

I like both: variety makes learning interesting. Repetition of the same content again and again until everything is clear and familiar helps a lot with comprehension and memorization. I usually focus a lot on the same content at the very beginning and then only when I really enjoy something in particular.

I can’t stand repeating content, even in my native language. I never want to read the same book, watch the same movie, etc.

To make things easier I suggest one subject/author though. Using one author or topic will often allow the same words and phrases to come up.

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This is a great mindset to have!