Do you find your screen too bright

In a thread in Portuguese a member, tiagoalisson, felt that the screen at LingQ was too bright. See

Alex suggested

“You might want to consider using a program like Flux (f.lux: software to make your life better) to lower the white balance of the screen.”

I installed the program and it automatically adjusts the brightness of my screen to the time of day in my location. For me the problem is solved. I occasionally adjust the brightness now manually.

I would be interested in hearing comments from others on this subject.

I never think about the brightness of my screen! (Except, of course, when the sun is shining on it.)

I promptly installed the flux thing and it seems to soothe the old eyes. Thank you to tiagoalisson and Alex, too!

I love this program, thank you! I’ve become so used to it already, when I used my mum’s laptop, it hurt my eyes.

Redshift is an alternative to the F.lux. F.lux does’t works on my Ubuntu 10.04.
More information about Redshift go to: Redshift a-para-descanso-da-visao
Still, it is worth considering the possibility of providing a darker version of the site. Large sites like Google and Facebook offer that. See the picture at: Perfect Dark Google (complete rework) |

@tiagoalisson - The easiest thing to do in your case would probably be to just invert the colors on your computer. On Windows, I believe the hotkey is Shift+Alt+Print Screen. A quick Google search shows that the hotkey for Ubuntu 10.04 is Super+N/Super+M.

By the way, what you linked to above appears to be a user created plugin/style, not something that Facebook or Google put out themselves…

In case anyone wants to know… f.lux works on Ubuntu 11.04 with no problems for me. (I’m going to switch back to Windows next week after a year of using Linux though :frowning: I’ll miss it)