Do you ever have dreams in your target language?

I did not dream at all in German until I did this mini immersion thing like spending 8 hours every single day for the next 2 months.

  1. At the end of it, I dreamed a German sentence subconsciously during my sleep which I thought I should share with you guys. It is a kind of funny and self-explanatory though.

" Ich liebe deutsch. Es ist meine Frau."



I translated your sentence for my wife, and she said that if I ever get to that point then I have to stop learning German.


In English, very often.
In Spanish, I think only once.

I have dreamed in Spanish a couple of times, but not as often as I would have hoped by now.

This happened every now and then to me at a time when my mind was completely occupied by my target language. Since then I think it has happened only once. So at least for me it seems to be connected to level of immersion. Back then I was only studied for a few months so my level was pretty low.

Funnily enough, I felt completely fluent in my dreams. I wonder how much of that was a failure to notice mistakes and how much the lack of insecurity and self doubt actually helped.

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Wish I had a dreams on foreign languages.

I’m working almost exclusively with input right now, but this week I had a dream where I spoke Spanish for a bit with someone. It was interesting to me because my “dream self” was not anxious at all about speaking, and it was all grammatically correct. It makes me wonder about which parts of our brains are active in dreams and whether our “dream speech” is more closely related to what we say/think when we’re awake or based more on what we hear!

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During 3 months of 1-2 hours of study a day (after some on-and-off studying before that), I have had 2 or 3 dreams where I’ve spoken my target language. I have a feeling that with continued consistency it will happen more and more! I’m sure you will have one soon enough!

The last time we were on vacation in Paris, I had a dream in French. Like wnint, I was fluent with no hesitation which also really made me think about the self-doubt/sabotage. My wife has told me, several times, that I sometimes speak French in my sleep (she has no idea what I am saying - which may be a good thing!!!


Don’t worry. I don’t think it’s an indicator at all. Sure, it might mean you are getting better of course, but lack of the dreams doesn’t mean anything.

It’s happened to me a number of times, but I wouldn’t call it a lot.

Ever since I live in Poland I started to have a lot of dreams in Polish, sometimes other languages might pop up out of nowhere but I’d say that Dutch and Polish are the main ‘dream languages’ for me at the moment.

I think that’s really cool. I never had dreams in my target language.

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that suggests me that your language learning schedule is not “intensive”. Correct me If I am wrong. Like 6-8 hours every day.